Anders WiK - FOUNDER

Before starting Ö, Anders was CEO at NORD DDB Copenhagen, a 40 person strong strategic creative full service agency in Copenhagen. 

Anders has experience working for Robert/Boisen & Like-minded, Try/Apt, Dinamo and Virtual Garden and has worked with brands like Carlsberg, McDonald's, DFDS, Øresundsbron, Aalborg Akvavit, Spies, VW, Nordea and Tryg.

Anders is a trained public speaker and facilitator with experience from audiences up to 500 people.


Our mission: 
TEACH the world to say Ö.

The world is our office, but we are based on the Nordic island Bornholm, in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Why? Because in today's hyper-connected world we can be anywhere in hours, minutes, even seconds. Physically and digitally. Island is pronounced Ö in Nordic, so that's where our name comes from. It basically means island. 

Want to LEARN to say Ö?
Let's work together.